The Metal Locking process

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banner_destaque_1Repair Diesel Engine Scania through the process of Metal Locking, without dismantling the engine. See details of the case:

OThe process of Metal Locking Zerbini is based on mechanical insertion of metal alloy parts, with special shapes appropriate to each situation.



Preformed locks: applied across to the cracks or fractures, through opening of a
channel, in order to regain tensile strength and resistance to mechanical stress.





Threaded fasteners: made of special alloy, are spotted along the entire length of the crack, overlapping one another.After that, the fasteners are riveted to fill the fracture with new metaland provide a pressure seal.




Reinforcement plate: high strength parts, placed at points of high stressconcentration or subject to overloading. They have a custom format for each repair, attached by pins placed in half-opposed holes (between the machine metal and the reinforcement plate).


At the end of the process, the piece goes through finishing, getting tough as before, they do not use welding or heating suffers during the restoration process.

To view the full-service repair diesel engine shown above, click here or visit the SERVICES item in the menu of the site and see many other types of cold repairs.




Metal locking repair is indicated forblocks and engine heads, pistons, transmission casings and turbines, pumps, compressors, machine tools, among others.

Click here and see the impressive Metal Locking process of Zerbini's.

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